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Preparation of model to production
Today we will tell you about the process of preparation of model to mass production. On the head photo you can see metall models. So, let's begin.
Surfacing technology
The description of process producing our findings will not be complete, if we don't tell about surfacing after casting. So this article is about it.
Casting findings
It is a small story about the production of our findings. At the photo above you can see prior results of our work- casted bronze products, but they are not processed and crude yet.
The right care of findings.
To safe your findings beautiful you should take care of them correctly. There are some basic principles of it in the article. We use two types of metal - bronze and brass. They both are not precious and can oxidize (to react with oxygen with emergence of oxides on products' surface). But it isn't a disadvantage - it is a feature which we should consider while using. Let's regard the variants of work with findings.

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