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 My name is Anna Chernykh and I glad to meet you on website dedicated to my jewelry findings. All findings provided on the site, was invented and developed by me. We make it as we are, and there are few peoples help me in that, mostly of they is family members.

We live and work in Russia, in a small town Kungur in Ural mountains. It is quiet, cozy and beautiful town. We have preserved a large number of old houses, churches and shops. Lots of greenery, a unique Kungur Ice Cave, Belogorsky Monastery, rivers Sylva and Iren - that's just some of the landmarks of my homeland. Every year in June, we held a Festival of Ballooning - "Heavenly Fair". Twenty of floating balloons in the sunset sky - a beautiful sight! If you're ever in our town - write me and I invite you to my home and workshop. You will try to do something by your own hands - that`s would be great souvenir:)

I've been doing jewelry almost all of my adult life. My dad once started to make jewelry out of German silver, nickel silver, and then, when the opportunity arose, of silver. Now it's my life too. In addition to the findings I make jewelry with silver, brass, bronze and glass in lampwork technique. Now we are working together with the whole family - my husband, my mother, my aunt. Hopefully, my children will help us when they grow up.

The idea to making findings appeared in 2009. Since then, I have created 30 collections and my findings are used in different areas of art - puppet making, leather working, clothes, and jewelry making of course. 

I create findings by collections, usually they are united stylistically, like "Steampunk" or "Time of knights". Or functionally -  "Regaliz elements". In each collection you will find any type of findings to create jewelry - bead caps, toggle clasps, pendants, focal elements. This approach allows the author does not suffer from the selection of findings - just select all the items from one collection and they will be combined with each other. And, of course, no one does not limit you - at your service any of the more than 4,000 items.

An important difference of my findings - is the possibility of modification. Because i use for making findings true metals - brass and bronze (except antique silver - this one is silver-plated brass), this makes possible to patina, sawing, bending, soldering, polishing and so on. For your beaded necklace you need a special color central element? It`s easy! You can even choose tone:) Do you want to use this tubes as a end caps, but it is not right size? Take a hammer and change it! We are almost collaborators in this case :)

And more - just a huge selection of findings. Need the same, but less - almost certainly find. In addition, new collections are published regularly. I'm sure - you can find something suitable to you.

Enjoy your creativity,

Anna Chernykh

Our new collection pendant! Add more Victorian romance to your jewelry with penny farthing bike:)
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