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Alla Maslennikova

Winter dream about summer
Necklace "Winter dream about summer". Beads, lampwork, pearls, swarovski, stones, Anna Bronze findings.
Pendant "Owl". Beads,stone, metal, Anna Bronze findings.
Legend of the Middle Ages
Pendant "Legend of the Middle Ages". Beads, swarovski, pearl, metal, Anna Bronze findings.
Window of the old castle
Pendant "Window of the old castle". Beads, chains, metal, leather, Anna Bronze findings.
Obligation and freedom
Necklace "Obligation and freedom". Beads, plastic elements, natural stones, Anna Bronze findings.
Ussuri tiger
Necklace "Ussuri tiger". Beads, simbircite, labradorite, lampwork, chains, Anna Bronze findings.
Necklace "Nostalgy". Beads, swarovski, chains, pyrite, Anna Bronze findings.
Mime Of Cologne
Necklace "Mime Of Cologne" is the best of "Bead Dreams 2015" competition! Beads, lampwork, leather, Anna Bronze findings.
Forest dream
Necklace "Forest dream". Beads, metall, jasper, glass, glaze, Anna Bronze findings.
Phantom of the autumn forest
Pendant "Phantom of the autumn forest". Beads, jasper, metall, plastic, Anna Bronze findings.
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Anna Bronze
Анна Бронза - авторская фуртинута