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Sharayah Sheldon

Sharayah Sheldon

Whether vacationing in Florida and the Bahamas, or even at Lake Michigan and other local beaches near my home, one of my daily morning excursions included greeting the sunrise as I walked along the white, Sandy beaches. What an excellent way to greet the day! The rising sun rays danceddancing and the blue Clearwater, as if diamonds surfaced to the top. Often I found and array of natural objects, driftwood, polished beach glass, and seashells. The seashells are jewels of the sea,in my opinion!  All of the shells I collected naturally were abandoned homes.

My bead embroidered cuff captures my experiences and memories on the beach. Numerous types of shells form a natural habitat as the focal.  And if you were to go snorkeling, the colorful life underwater would take your breath away! Coral reefs, schools of fish, shelled critters, create a rainbow Of colors! The numerous Swarovski crystals emerging from reefs and the borosilicate glass beads and pearls convey the treasures hidden under the surface of the dazzling waters.

Several brass findings from Anna bronze are featured in this bracelet. Some are more exposed than others however if you look closely you'll notice two  brass reefs.  The Swarovski Crystals flow about, as if gently moving in the water.

The cuff is backed with bronze Italian leather..

The cuff measures 6.25" long ( clasp adds another 0.50")

height- 0.75"

Width- widest section is 2.5" wide.

Materials used
Annabronze findings
Myokos Greek charms
Borosilicate "mushroom" glass beads
Toho seed beads
Swarovski 3mm Crystals
Czech 8/0 beads
Italian leather
Slide clasp
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