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Anna Chernykh

Dark Nebula
"Dark Nebula" pendant. Lampwork, pearl, brass, bronze, silver, leather, Anna Bronze.
Watch for those who...
Bracelet "Watch for those who...". Lampwork, leather, Anna Bronze findings.
Quietly crawl frog
Pendant "Quietly crawl frog". Lampwork, enamel, Anna Bronze findings.
From the jungle
Bracelet "From the jungle". Bronze, enamel, Anna Bronze findings.
In the footsteps of the Celts
Bracelet "In the footsteps of the Celts". Leather, Anna Bronze findings.
Watch for those who are not in a hurry
"Watch for those who are not in a hurry" bracelet. Lampwork, leather, Anna Bronze findings.
The mystery of the magic castle
"The mystery of the magic castle" bracelet Regaliz. Lampwork, leather, Anna Bronze findings.
I`m a cat lover
Pendant "I`m a cat lover". Lampwork, swarovski, Anna Bronze findings.
Autumn colors
"Autumn colors" necklace, earrings. Lampwork, enamel, swarovski, Anna Bronze.
Forest bell
"Forest bell", pendant, earrings. Lampwork, Anna Bronze findings.
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Anna Bronze
Анна Бронза - авторская фуртинута